So, My Laptop Broke Down

Unfortunately, the news was as plain and exact as that. It’s why I went MIA here in wordpress. Haha!

A couple of weeks ago, my laptop once again after the same incident last November 2020, flashed a NO BOOTABLE DISK notification. That time, my husband tried to replace its hard drive and tweak some stuff to make it work again on which, thankfully, it did.

This ongoing pandemic situation actually made my laptop my closest pal after being separated from my two cats when we moved to this city where we live in. So, I actually started a couple of things I already planned to pursue this year (to occupy myself in my new housewife only set-up) such as vlogging, art journey, social media discipleship group and even my Bible readings and journals. All slowly built, coursed through and recorded in this intelligent homie of mine. But then, just when I was in the middle of all these, it decided to do another attempt of goodbye.

I can remember how pissed off I was the first time this happened, for losing all my files and some on going projects. And though a little bit more got lost this time, to my surprise, I wasn’t as frustrated as before. I can clearly remember how I just calmly , though a little bit shocked, rolled on my bed after attempting to turn it on again, and just thought, “Well, there it goes.”

You know what’s funny?

Days before this, I prayed for God to help me organize things I do and help me not lose sight on things I needed to prioritize. For some reasons, I felt like my laptop crashing down was the answer. Literally after it crashed, all my to-do-list forcefully dropped down to 30% because I cannot do the rest without my laptop. And for the same reason, I wasn’t even bothered if I’m getting one at some point. I was just lead to submitting myself to what’s left at the moment and carefully listen to what God wants me to do.

I think I filled my cup too full too quickly God has to halt me. Sigh, I can’t count the times He had to do this. But thankful each time He does. I’m really seeing how much of a slow-learner I am in this area. Or rather, stubborn.

As I prayed, there were certainly things God had made known to me that I haven’t reconciled with myself yet. I’m thankful I had this God-oriented time (because I still don’t get how to handle my life well) to re-assess things, pray and read the word. I had to and I am committed to doing so & even be better at it through time.

I actually shared some of it in this video:

Praise be unto God, the only trustworthy guide and light.

To Him I know I should always seek wisdom from;

To Him I deeply know I should always depend on.

My husband then, when I never expected it, decided to give me a late Christmas gift and wedding anniversary which is … guess what???

A Laptop!

It’s still arriving next month but Oh my Lord, what a surprise and I am so indeed thankful! Hopefully this laptop won’t have to die down again just to make me handle my time wisely. *wink*


  1. My computer crashed last week with the same message – “no boot device available. ” This only happened after a failed attempt update from Microsoft. My computer is 10 years old and now not supported by microsoft.😔

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    1. oh wow, my husband exactly said the same possible reason! My laptop is also just a hand-me-down from a good old friend. Now, that makes sense. Thank you so much for this!


      1. My computer is a desktop. I took it to a trusted friend who repairs computers. He said the update was corrupted, he uninstalled the update. So far I will keep it. The problem now is intermittent; every 4 to 6 hours it blacks out and gives me the same error message..

        I backed up all my working files to an external hard drive. I have also have files stored on my email that I am quickly emailing to my laptop before this desktop computer goes to computer heaven.

        It is so sad that the technology industry (computers and cell phones), send updates to our devices that crashes them or consumes our disk space making them unusable and forcing us to buy new equipment. My computer is 9 or 10 years old, and I was completely satisfied with its function and performance for what I need.

        On another note, the updates on my phone and tablet have consumed all my disk space. I had to buy another tablet, which was not inexpensive. I took every app off my phone that I wasn’t using to gain more disk space. My phone is 64g my old tablet (gifted to my husband) was 32g.

        The wonderful world of technology!!!!😣👣


        1. i know…. #business
          They pre-identified the time gadgets are supposed to crash as well. 😦
          Same with ipad. I only had one that my brother gave. of course, it would be hard to use it after being obsolete since most apps wouldnt be compatible with it anymore.
          As if these things were bought for cheap prices. sigh


  2. Sometimes we’re too busy and God is trying to get our attention. Sometimes we’re just so zealous about what-nots and He needs us to slow down. Help us Lord to constantly listen and yield to your voice. Blessings to you!

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